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ReopenNH began its series of events of civil disobedience with a Christian Worship Service on Saturday at noon on the State House Steps. You can relive that event or watch it for the first time by following this link to the video archive.

We started our series with this Worship Service for several reasons:

  • The N.H. and U.S. Constitutions both prohibit the government from infringing on the freedoms of religion, assembly and worship.
  • The RSA that allows Gov. Sununu to declare a state of emergency provides for a suspension of a very specific set of laws, but not Constitutionally protected rights.
  • Gov. Sununu in Emergency Orders 16, 17 and 40, unconstitutionally declared that places of worship could not host more than nine people, which is a direct violation of our freedoms of religion, worship and assembly.
  • God commanded His people to “fear not,” but rather to trust in Him, and specifically not to forsake the “assembling together” for worship. The believer’s obedience to God comes before his or her obedience to a governor, as Jesus, Paul and Peter, among others, all made clear.
  • Christian worship of God Almighty and revival of public prayer and faith is an appeal to God to intervene on our behalf as a Free People as we work to peacefully restore our freedoms and eliminate fear. With God in the picture helping us, we stand our best chance of success.

NEXT UP: We’re going to the Beach! Stay tuned for more details here, which is where we will announce the event.

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