Join the New Declaration of Independence

On June 3, during the governor’s press conference, WMUR’s Adam Sexton asked, “What about civil disobedience events?” Our governor replied: “That’s fine. It’s a one-time event. There’s a voice of assembly there, and we’ve always respected it throughout this entire process.” 

Our voice of assembly is an everyday right, as is our right to engage in commerce, and our right to life, which involves buying food and other sustenance for our families without being ordered around. That’s the whole “liberty” part of the equation. That means no masks, no hand sanitizer, and no six-foot rule, if we so choose. By all means, if you want to wash your hands or wear a mask, be our guest, but keep your nanny-state snootiness to yourself. Happiness means different things to different people, and in America, that is OK so long as government stays out of the way.

As such, today ReopenNH proclaims a new Declaration of Independence that invites every free person in the State of New Hampshire to protest the governor’s unlawful orders by ignoring them flatly and turning any busybody away with emphasis. Put up a ReopenNH notice in your business’s window that says, “Be Advised: This business is engaging in an indefinite, one-time ReopenNH protest of the governor’s unlawful emergency orders. Enter at your own risk.” If some government official attempts to shut you down, peaceably throw them out. That’s how liberty works. 

And I can assure you, if you’d care to advertise as a business how seriously you are taking your clients’ freedom this summer, especially surrounding Independence Day, the free market will do the rest.

    How do I participate?
    Post a ReopenNH notice in your business window. If a government official attempts to shut you down, peaceably throw them out. That’s how liberty works.

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