ReopenNH/RebuildNH Statement About Protest at Governor’s House

“ReopenNH and RebuildNH had absolutely nothing to do with the protest at the governor’s house, and in fact we have opposed it more than 10 times since the idea first surfaced in the Spring—we opposed it this time, too,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReopenNH and RebuildNH. “We believe that the governor’s family and neighbors are off limits and that all efforts should be focused on the governor in his official capacity at the State House or other public buildings and through legislative and legal action.”

For more information about our position on the governor’s mask mandate and our upcoming policy summit, please see our press release from last week:

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One Response

  1. Well according to some people the governor is working from home which is the reason they went there. I saw on videos and it was quite peaceful. Just sharing

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Indefinite ReopenNH Protest

ReopenNH proclaims a new Declaration of Independence that invites every free person in the State of New Hampshire to protest the governor’s unlawful orders by ignoring them flatly and turning any busybody away with emphasis.

How do I participate?
Post a ReopenNH notice in your business window. If a government official attempts to shut you down, peaceably throw them out. That’s how liberty works.

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