Had to close my restaurants

I had two restaurants. One in Marlborough (www.piedrafina.com) and on in Dublin (audreyscafe.com). I had to close them both. We have been closed since mid-March. We tried take out but being in a remote location it just did not work out. There is no delivery services in the area either.

From what I hear they will “allow” restaurants to reopen on May 25th but at 50% capacity. I would think that in my locations where the tables are close together, particularly at the bar, they will not even allow that.

I had a lot of money invested at both locations and one of them I just before the forced closures I had invested even more money since I was going to start to open for dinner in addition to breakfast and lunch. Between the two restaurants I had to let go of 30 employees.

I have a third restaurant where I have had to temporarily (I hope) lay off 5 employees and of the remaining six, five have had their hours slashed. None of these would have happen had the state not shut down. I am heartbroken.

Malaise Lindenfeld
Nelson, NH

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