Job loss, weddings cancelled

My fiance, who will “likely” be my wife within a couple of weeks lost her job last week. I say “likely” because every last thing is up in the air, so we “may” only be able to go to the Town Hall and make it official there. We aren’t even sure if that is possible at this time, so that is TWO major ways we are affected.

The company she has worked for now for 2 years is about to go out of business because of this shutdown. Her income brought into this home was about $70,000 and the gov’t subsidy to unemployment doesn’t cover the loss, nor does it replenish the insurance and benefits she lost as well.

Add to all of this, her niece was going to be married later in June, and that also has been canceled, and she is incredibly disappointed. For us, it is less of a disappointment because we are in our 50’s, but she is a young lady.

This nonsense needs to end. We all know the deal. Our nation is falling apart under our very noses.

Alex Mavrogeorge
Litchfield, NH

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