The people in North country are suffering

In North country, we are suffering financially, mentally, emotionally, and health-wise.

I am a business owner/sole proprietor who cleans major resorts and private residences, and although housekeeping/janitorial services may come under this “essential business” umbrella, that’s rather useless when the places you clean are no longer operating. I own a home, vehicles, have bills as most out there do, I have a family to support and feed plus a few pets that are a huge part of this family that also need to be supported. We have very, VERY small numbers way up here and few deaths, if any … yet, we can do nothing but sit here day, after lengthy, maddening day with no end in sight. Quite frankly, it’s like slow torture, and it’s inhuman to lock people up this way, for this long, with no solid end dates to the suffering.

I have a 16 year old daughter who cries herself to sleep most nights because she is very aware of what is going on, and she doesn’t understand these extremes and the never-ending path we seem to be traveling on. Nothing good is coming out of this.

Mark Sullivan
Littleton, NH

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