RebuildNH co-founder JR Hoell Defends His Children

Imagine: You’ve called Poison Control to find out what to do after your 13-year-old reported taking too much Acetaminophen, and just a few days later police are at your door with state officials ready to kidnap all of your minor children. Sadly, this nightmare is reality for former State Rep. JR Hoell, who is now more than $10,000 deep in legal fees while still fighting to defend his family from an out-of-control state bureaucracy. His family does not yet know how long this legal fight will continue. 


We, the People of New Hampshire, Demand NO MASKS ON STUDENTS

from the director


How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

Market Basket – Asked to leave!

A trip to my Local Market Basket …(Storrs St , Concord, NH) Monday, 7-20-20 Upon entering the store I was greeted by a mask “security guard” employee at Market Basket—the store I stood with through the boycott, The ONLY store I shop at. I was asked to wear a mask. I

Business loan useless while doors are still closed

I have been the owner of a large health club in NH for over 25 years, employing approximately 100 people. We provide a healthy lifestyle to thousands of members and are a valuable part of the community.  We will soon be entering our third month of forced closure with no definitive end in

Vote surpression

I was told I would have to vote outside if I didn’t wear a mask and in November I would have to wait in the cold while people with masks voted inside. Thinking I was a Biden supporter, he went on to say we know most non-mask wearers are Trump

The people in North country are suffering

In North country, we are suffering financially, mentally, emotionally, and health-wise. I am a business owner/sole proprietor who cleans major resorts and private residences, and although housekeeping/janitorial services may come under this “essential business” umbrella, that’s rather useless when the places you clean are no longer operating. I own a

My Dad’s Solitary Last Dying Days

I lost my Dad in March. Sadly we couldn’t visit him due to Covid-19. He lost his eyesight, couldn’t use his cell phone, had no phone in his room, and it was a week before I got a call through to him. It was then that I found out they

Children are being robbed of their developmental needs

My daughter just turned six, do you know what she wanted for her birthday? To be able to “go back to school and see my friends” … now because of media fear mongering and false data I have to have the heart breaking conversation with my daughter that she can

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