RebuildNH co-founder JR Hoell Defends His Children

Imagine: You’ve called Poison Control to find out what to do after your 13-year-old reported taking too much Acetaminophen, and just a few days later police are at your door with state officials ready to kidnap all of your minor children. Sadly, this nightmare is reality for former State Rep. JR Hoell, who is now more than $10,000 deep in legal fees while still fighting to defend his family from an out-of-control state bureaucracy. His family does not yet know how long this legal fight will continue. 


We, the People of New Hampshire, Demand NO MASKS ON STUDENTS

from the director


How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

Lost job

I was employed as a housekeeper at Lovett’s Inn and Restaurant until March 9. The guests that weekend cancelled and then the inn was shut down and the restaurant could not serve food. Eventually they did take out, but not that much. Because of this shutdown, my coworkers and I

The impact of fitness centers and boot camps being closed

I am in the process of starting my own personal training business. The forced closing of in person operations for fitness centers and boot camps in NH is jeopardizing my ability to get my business off the ground. I need to interact with people in person to market, sell and

My Son

It is not my story. My son, a US Marine veteran, could not stand by while these grotesque lies and afronts to this constitutional republic took place. With no outlet, and the failure of Americans to rise up against this gross injustice, at 26 years he took his own life.

Need to work

My son and I are both out of work because of this virus. I work at a freezer warehouse through another company and they cut back staff due to virus. Chrisitna Hileman Derry , MA

Olde Bay RV

My husband and I opened an RV business in June 2007. It is a very established business with many happy return customers. We have raised a family of three outstanding humans who are all assets to their individual communities. We weather the New England winters knowing that our prime time

Reopening Salon May 4

I have a salon in New London New Hampshire that needs to open ASAP. I took a week to process the shut down of my business and then after that week I went right back into the salon and prepared for the safety of my staff and my clients never

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