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How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

2019 small business of the year, about to lose my business

I live in Hudson, NH, and I own The Bar. We have been shut down since March 13th per order of the Govenor. Last year, I was awarded small business of the year, but this year, I’ll most likely lose my business. I have 13 employees, 2 of whom gave

Autistic daughter not receiving needed therapy

My autistic daughter is suffering due to this stupid shut down. She cannot receive much needed therapy because Ready Set Connect refuses to open even though they are an essential business Gina Seaboyer MANCHESTER, NH

Felt threatened while shopping

I do not want to disclose the company’s name as they respected the fact that I can not wear masks due to my medical conditions. The place of business is located in Manchester, NH. I went out for my monthly grocery shop yesterday 8/5/20 while entering the business. They have

Our visit to a nursing home

We went today (09/23/2020) to visit an elderly friend we have not seen since the Covid restrictions went into effect along with lockdowns (months). We arrived at the nursing home and had to pull up front and call the desk for someone to come out and question us about where we

The impact of fitness centers and boot camps being closed

I am in the process of starting my own personal training business. The forced closing of in person operations for fitness centers and boot camps in NH is jeopardizing my ability to get my business off the ground. I need to interact with people in person to market, sell and

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