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How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

Market Basket – Asked to leave!

A trip to my Local Market Basket …(Storrs St , Concord, NH) Monday, 7-20-20 Upon entering the store I was greeted by a mask “security guard” employee at Market Basket—the store I stood with through the boycott, The ONLY store I shop at. I was asked to wear a mask. I

Vote surpression

I was told I would have to vote outside if I didn’t wear a mask and in November I would have to wait in the cold while people with masks voted inside. Thinking I was a Biden supporter, he went on to say we know most non-mask wearers are Trump

Hospitals laying off workers

WHERE’S THE EMERGENCY!? On Friday, May 8th, Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough announced it was furloughing over one hundred employees. This comes at a time when we are supposedly “preparing for the worst” in our state and are not allowed by His Majesty (intentional dig) the governor to exercise our

Waiting for time sensitive ESSENTIAL surgery

In mid-March I was told that my MRI revealed the pain and swelling in my knee was due to my meniscus root being torn off the bone. This repair is time sensitive and must be done within a specific window or it will escalate to a full blown knee replacement.

Running out of money

We have a family friend who runs three business, a hair salon, an AirBnB and she’s a realtor. All of that came to a screeching halt thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown. Like so many people she has no income but the bills keep rolling in. Given the pattern of infection

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