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Dr. David Hartsuch, an emergency department physician and former Iowa state senator, discusses alternative Covid-19 treatments. Dr. Hartsuch has extensive experience successfully treating Covid-19, and we thought you might like to know what alternative treatments are available.

Please be advised that Rebuild NH does not endorse all of the views of Dr. Hartsuch. Medical licensing boards, under threat of loss of licensure, require doctors to publicly present certain information, and this presentation reflects that requirement, particularly in regards to vaccination. You are always advised to consult with your doctor and your own conscience.


We, the People of New Hampshire, Demand NO MASKS ON STUDENTS

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How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

Lost job

I was employed as a housekeeper at Lovett’s Inn and Restaurant until March 9. The guests that weekend cancelled and then the inn was shut down and the restaurant could not serve food. Eventually they did take out, but not that much. Because of this shutdown, my coworkers and I

What are we teaching our children?

After 30 years operating a Child Care Center in New Hampshire, I am considering closing. I love caring for children. I have a great team of teachers. I have great families who need my center to be open. However, regulations imposed by the State of New Hampshire are choking us.

I may die from the shutdown ‘cure’

I am 66 years old and due to a drunk driving accident 40 years ago, I have a six-tooth bridge across my upper front teeth. Four weeks ago that bridge fell out. I am lucky because my dentist was operating for emergencies during this time, but it still took eight

Vote surpression

I was told I would have to vote outside if I didn’t wear a mask and in November I would have to wait in the cold while people with masks voted inside. Thinking I was a Biden supporter, he went on to say we know most non-mask wearers are Trump

2019 small business of the year, about to lose my business

I live in Hudson, NH, and I own The Bar. We have been shut down since March 13th per order of the Govenor. Last year, I was awarded small business of the year, but this year, I’ll most likely lose my business. I have 13 employees, 2 of whom gave

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