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How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

2019 small business of the year, about to lose my business

I live in Hudson, NH, and I own The Bar. We have been shut down since March 13th per order of the Govenor. Last year, I was awarded small business of the year, but this year, I’ll most likely lose my business. I have 13 employees, 2 of whom gave

Autistic child not receiving services

My one-year old daughter has been diagnosed with autism. Because of the stay at home order, her therapists have all closed their offices. They have deemed that due to my daughter’s short attention span (she’s a one-year old with autism) that she is not a candidate for tele-health. Because of

Waiting for time sensitive ESSENTIAL surgery

In mid-March I was told that my MRI revealed the pain and swelling in my knee was due to my meniscus root being torn off the bone. This repair is time sensitive and must be done within a specific window or it will escalate to a full blown knee replacement.

Church assemblies need to reassemble

The decision of our government to shut down our economy as had a direct impact on the lives of so many people, people I love. The first is the shut-down of our freedom to join together to freely worship, something guaranteed by the Constitution of the USA. I suppose it

Small Business Owner lost all clients

I am the owner of McCartney Bookkeeping,, and I have had all of my clients cancel contracts with me due to this shutdown. They have all had to temporarily shut down their own businesses and thus, could not afford to continue paying their bills. Because of this, all the

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