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How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

My Dad’s Solitary Last Dying Days

I lost my Dad in March. Sadly we couldn’t visit him due to Covid-19. He lost his eyesight, couldn’t use his cell phone, had no phone in his room, and it was a week before I got a call through to him. It was then that I found out they

Hernia not fixed

It’s a simple story. I have a hernia. In February I saw a surgeon, and scheduled an appointment to have it fixed. That was supposed to happen in three or four weeks time. But, Chinese Virus Time intervened.. I wait for something to break, either my abdomen, or the rules

Fear is destructive

Since the governor implemented his mask mandate I have been continuously harassed while trying to provide for my family in our community. As a USAF Veteran with a medical exception for wearing a face covering, feeling publicly harassed, isolated, and shamed has been devastating. These will cause some long-lasting effects,

The state closed me down and expects me to survive

I own and operate a 7 room bed & breakfast. I was closed down on March 16 when I was told I was non-essential. As a sole proprietor (no employees), I was—am—not eligible for the PPP, any SBA assistance, and unemployment has been a joke. The state closed me down

Voter Intimidation and Suppression happened to me

I live in Nashua, NH and vote in Ward 9. I have voted in person in every election since I moved to Nashua in 2008. I did not vote in the state primary in September, because I am registered as a Democrat but my plan at that time was to