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How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

Our Elderly Have Been Forsaken: Where Is The Love?

My 95 year old mother is in a nursing home with multiple health issues that prevent me from taking care of her at home. She has not been hugged or even touched by any of her six children since the lock down began. She has diminished mental capacity and does

Teenage son in hospital being kept from family

I wanted to share my story in hopes that it might help make a difference in reopening New Hampshire! A lot of details were left out to protect the privacy of our family and for my 14-year-old son. The last two months have been unfathomable.  My family has been

The people in North country are suffering

In North country, we are suffering financially, mentally, emotionally, and health-wise. I am a business owner/sole proprietor who cleans major resorts and private residences, and although housekeeping/janitorial services may come under this “essential business” umbrella, that’s rather useless when the places you clean are no longer operating. I own a

Savings lost, disrupted wedding and college plans

My family has been seriously disrupted! Spouse savings have been lost for retirement because of market losses due to shutdowns. One daughter cannot have the wedding and reception she planned for over the past year. Other daughter’s senior year of high school was disrupted, and she can’t work to save

Struggling with loneliness

I live in Hampton Beach, and I love the community—I call Hampton my adopted city. I’ve been very fortunate to still be working, but every day is a challenge because I live alone, I’m the only member of my family in the state, and I have not been able to