RebuildNH Urges Granite Staters to Resist Governor’s Mask Mandate

Endorsed Candidates Must Take Action As Soon as They Take Office To End State of Emergency

EAST DERRY, N.H.—On the heels of a Danish randomized-controlled study that concludes masks don’t work in stopping the spread of COVID-19, Gov. Chris Sununu has issued a statewide mask mandate that prioritizes feel-good measures over the rights and liberties of Granite Staters. 

“Sununu claims he is following the data in presenting this new mandate, but that is simply not true,” said Melissa Blasek, executive director of RebuildNH. “There is no quality research supporting the idea that a mask mandate is effective. Studies specific to COVID-19 have shown the ineffectiveness of masks, as have 60 years of studies surrounding masking to prevent influenza, which is spread in a similar manner to Covid-19.”

RebuildNH is planning a Covid-19 Legislator Policy Summit for Nov. 30 that had been directed toward incoming endorsed legislators, but we are now going to livestream the event to the general public and any policymakers who would like to attend. The experts, who include epidemiologists, OSHA certified health and safety representatives, and public health specialists, intend to explain why the lockdowns and mask mandates are ineffective and how freedom and personal responsibility works from a scientific perspective in managing public health crises.

“We’re hoping that this summit will provide lawmakers with the information they need to end the state of emergency as soon as they take office and the public with the information it needs to stop being frightened by this virus,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of RebuildNH. “Given the true science behind masking, this is clearly just condescending psychological warfare attempting to continue a culture of fear that enables centralized control. We are urging all Granite Staters to resist this mandate by taking their masks off once and for all, and to resist this governor, who is imposing a flawed methodology to give the appearance that he is addressing a perceived crisis.”

As an interesting contrast to the randomized-controlled Danish study that showed masks don’t have an impact on the spread of the virus, an opposing study that claimed a decrease in hospitalization after mask mandates was withdrawn by the authors who have now distanced themselves from the findings.

Long-term care facilities in New Hampshire, which have been under very strict regulations during the COVID-19 fiasco, constitute more than 80 percent of all deaths in New Hampshire. The governor cited how five long-term-care facility outbreaks grew to 11 in one day as support for these new measures. Importantly, these facilities had already implemented masking requirements among other measures, and those measures have not prevented spread of the virus.

“It appears that Gov. Sununu would like to spread his failures from Long Term Care facilities to the general population,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of RebuildNH. “I am confident in stating that the effect of wearing masks in society is far more dangerous than the 0.3 percent statistically insignificant benefit that they may offer.”


About RebuildNH

RebuildNH is a PAC made up of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason in state government.

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17 Responses

  1. How long can you really say you are in a “state of emergency”.
    Emergency – Definition: a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action
    Once the action is taken and the population understands the risks and how to best mitigate them it would seem the emergency is over. I would propose we crossed that threshold about 9 month ago and we need legislation to limit the duration the government can perpetuate a “state of emergency”.

  2. Masks are not the answer and never have been, there is no magic here, nature has her own agenda as always . We have no control over the universe

  3. Below is a letter that I sent to Mr. Sununu, to reconsider this latest mask mandate in light of recent science and since I live in Charlestown, thought I would send this to you as well. I am not trying to be difficult but informed, I have physician friends who cannot answer the science behind this as well other than just do it. Hospital settings are different as they do better controls with masks and cleanliness, I get that.

    Here is my note, I also left him a voicemail.

    Dear Governor,

    PLEASE reconsider your mask mandate due to scientific findings. I guess you maybe didn’t see the memo on the latest study.

    This new study came out shows NO effectiveness with masks on the transmission of the disease, please rescind this order that you just mandated for the liberty of all “live free or die” Here is the study link for your reading pleasure

    Also look at the west point story, all cadets wore masks and still an outbreak, states that have put this in place have seen increases as well. Just a warning of what could happen.

    Another point, are you considering outlawing the intake of fat, salt, or cancerous meat due to the high death rate for coronary disease or cancer? Or outlaw cars because of the accidents? Below is the real pandemic.

    2017 Stats of the State of New Hampshire
    NH Leading Causes of Death, 2017 Deaths Rate*** State Rank* U.S. Rate**
    1. Cancer 2,760 153.5 27th 152.5
    2. Heart Disease 2,721 149.7 35th 165.0
    3. Accidents 907 62.9 9th 49.4
    4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 755 43.0 27th (tie) 40.9
    5. Stroke 514 28.9 45th 37.6
    6. Alzheimer’s disease 436 24.8 38th 31.0

    PLEASE RECONSIDER based on science

    Thank you for your time, and have a nice day . . .

  4. First it was 3 weeks or so to “Flatten the curve”.As “deaths were counted.
    Then it was “Hospitals will fill up, as I know nurses who were laid off – in NH.
    Then, death counts were replaced by “cases”. Months go by…..
    We are 9 months into the fear campaign. ENOUGH!
    People state “I cant wait till this is over”. I ask them who or what will end this ?
    I hear all the answers…. None of the answers I hear are accurate…
    The way this play ends is we leave the theater – before the next act- NOW.
    This ends by simply never wearing masks again. Period.

  5. Fraud is a word that has been going around our United States these last couple of weeks, all fraud must stop, We the People must stand up to Tyranny. The Tyranny of the Mask included.

  6. In the state of emergency, no other regulations have been repealed. It’s a felony to enter a bank while wearing a mask. Moreover, it illegal to carry a firearm while wearing a mask. Therefore, under existing statutes a common citizen can become a felon while doing what they have always done and complying with the order.

    1. Matt- I completely agree with all you said. Im very much with you !
      I must say that Im not sure about Felony to enter a bank with a mask
      I DO know that in NH there is nothing in writing or inferred about Concealed carry with a mask being of any crime. Other states YES. Not here.

  7. So much for Live for or Die ! Seriously disappointed to see this implemented NOW. Its almost a year into this “pandemic”… And to use nursing homes as a justification for the general public to wear masks is idiotic, nursing home residents (sadly) do not go out into the general public. This is psychological warfar against the free people of America. I’m happy to see people standing up! I will NOT be wearing a mask or putting them on my children! What a disgrace to teach the children to be afraid like this over a 99% survival rate. Imagine if there was a true risk?! Freedom cannot die because of fear. We are here to live and enjoy each day not to live in a bubble fearing the world and eachother.

    “The government does not care about you or your rights or your welfare. They care about keeping their power and expanding it where ever possible.” George Carlin.

  8. I am not afraid of “covid-19,” but I AM afraid of what is happening to this state and this country … and the world, for that matter. I am usually the ONLY person without a mask when I go in stores. On the rare occasion when I actually see a human face, I figure I have an ally. When I speak to them, I usually do.

    I also fear that this is going to turn into a Spanish Inquisition type atmosphere, where I will fear other people, not because of “germs” they might breathe out, but because they might report me for not wearing a mask or for associating with someone from out of state or for greeting someone with a handshake or a hug.

    This whole thing is absolutely crazy. And Sununu has gone along with it from the get-go. After what he has done so far, I couldn’t vote for him for governor. We may have gotten “the lesser of two evils,” but now he’s on a roll. Since he won re-election, he thinks he has a free pass to do whatever he pleases. He needs to be put in his place. We need to let him know he is our servant, not our boss or king.

  9. I will only wear a mask in private individually run businesses as the are being targeted and fined (which is entirely unconstitutional). Other than those instances, I will not comply, nor should anyone else.

    Check out

  10. i am deeply disappointed that NH fails to DO WHAT THEY PREACH. ‘live free or DIE’….? so NH is just like the rest of the 50 states… no different. you might as well be NYS. my family and another family of multiple kids are house hunting for our move to NH… and I’m not sure if i should anymore because of the weak collective stance against mask mandates.

    Even CHinese schools are letting up on MASKS. Google: china school mask free

    I suggest MaskFreer build network ASAP and team up and go shopping together, show of force of number without masks on!!! Storming capital buildings on special occasions will not do the trick. DO IT DAILY IN YOUR LOCAL AREA… to help sheeple come out of their shells!!!

    also would appreciate your feedback on anything/ any bill ‘mask’ related…which is the sign of the times.

    as i kept telling lawmakers on the island of Guam where i’m in now that Guam legislature could have made a choice to open up/give choices to every merchant the way South Dakota is doing… but instead blinded themselves to the glut of Fed bailout money and they have SELF DESTROYED A vibrant tourism destination,,, a million airborne visitors from Japan/Korea a year GONE! NH now faces something similar.

    my opinion piece:

    feel free to write me

  11. Something smells bad in NH politics to me. Sununu, who I used to support, seems to have some type of special relationship with China, based on getting all the PPP he wanted and other states were actually coming to NH to get them. It looks to me that the vote was a fraud, supported by the alleged criminal nature of the Dominion Voting Machines. Someone in the state likely got rich from these machines, and probably got votes and dollars for supporting their purchase. Maybe they are afraid to show their faces from the shame they are feeling. We should also go to the State Capitol on Jan 6th to protest the voter fraud.

    1. Just out of curiosity, does anyone else find it interesting how Republicans flipped both houses from blue to red but we still sent Democrats to Washington?

      1. I personally believe this is due to the GOP’s division as a voting block. One half of the GOP votes for fiscal conservatives for both state and federal offices. These same voters also tend to prefer social conservatism. You can count me among them. The other half of the GOP prefer the appearance of fiscal conservatism, which means no new taxes or keeping taxes low at the state and local level, while also increasing spending. They accomplish this by bringing money home from D.C., which was already ours to begin with (paid by federal income tax from NH citizens). Thus, they vote for federal officials who will bring home this bacon to help them balance their budgets while also satisfying their appetite to use government to solve all manner of social ill. These vote with the Democrats for federal Congress positions, but vote for Republicans at the local level. I think this explains the dichotomy you’re observing.

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