Webinar: Engage School Boards and Unmask Our Children

Event Summary

Enough is enough. The statewide mask mandate is over, the science shows that masks don’t work to prevent the spread of viruses, and multiple research reports show that children are not affected statistically by COVID-19. Still, school boards persist in requiring our children to wear face coverings all day in the classroom, restricting airflow to their developing brains and causing social and mental development issues that could affect New Hampshire for decades.It’s time for YOU to fight back, and we’re going to show you how.

  • Rep. Jim Kofalt (R-Wilton) discusses the mechanics of school boards in New Hampshire.
  • Education activist Ann Marie Banfield discusses how to effectively influence school boards.
  • EMS professional and author Alu Axelman discusses the data on mask usage.
  • Nashua parent activists Allison Dyer and Alicia Houston discuss their efforts to unmask children in the Nashua school district.


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2 Responses

  1. If we are to believe science then the masks do not work like it of not.. You are doing more psychological dam to these kids than anything else.. There is no peer reviews that say they work!!! Further more even the out break of 1918 we knew that they did not work then and that people got sick from other forms of bacteriuria and viruses.. So the question is what are you trying to do to the children is my next question???? is this deliberate on the part of these so school boards and why have they not done there do diligence on this matter and are not listening to the people who pay there dam salary’s I find this disgusting and reprehensible to put it mildly

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